Latvia is one of the few countries that have managed to handle the current situation with relative success. Mainly because our people have remained calm and our government’s policy has been well-considered. That is why we have a reason to believe that Latvia could be one of those countries that recovers from crisis and gets back on an upward trajectory quickly,” those assuring words in his Easter speech said Egils Levits, President of Latvia. And the official statistics prove his words.

According to the World Health Organisation in Latvia in the end of April there are 836 Covid-19 cases confirmed and 13 deaths. This is the lowest number amongst Baltic States and one of the lowest in whole Europe. It is important not only to check the death rates and confirmed cases, but also to see the new cases’ discovery rate on daily basis. And also in this context Latvia shows well balanced, steady new cases’ curve with no peaks that could destabilze the national health system.

Since the early stages of Covid-19 crisis the government of Latvia has started support programms to avoid business collapse in different branches. Already in the first weeks of crisis government directed 102 million euros for State Revenue Service to cover allowances. Latvia was quick to pass diferent laws in order to strenghten its health system and decisive to organize country’s daily life at the outstanding circumstances. Policies mentioned before will guarantee faster and easier recovery and will help people to keep their companies open and save jobs. Financial and government institutions have found different solutions for their business customers in order to help them in the economical situation. For example state-owned development finance institution ALTUM and most of the largest banks in Latvia offers special crisis programms which include loan holidays for enterprises and other solutions to maintain business environment ready to restart after the Covid-19 restrictions end.

If to compare restrictions in Latvia and other countries it is surprising that Latvia has avoided strict quarantine but still managed to control the Covid-19 transmission so well. By carefully respecting social distancing policy, people are able to go to work, do their daily chores, go shopping, receive medical assistance. Most of the people in Latvia at this time enjoy beautiful nature which starts to blossom, long walks along the seaside or amazing nature tracks in the woods. It is all possible because in Latvia’s nature it is easy to find places where 2 metres distance is possible, where fresh spring air and sunshine is the best medicine to keep calm and survive this crisis. Only 30 minutes outside the Riga City centre are the beautiful beaches of Baltic Sea, lots of well-maintained nature parks and tracks. Because of the high speed internet options citizens of Latvia can easily adapt to the working from home or their countryhouses. Children and students learn online till the situation lets them get back on schools and universities. Latvia is among Top 3 fastest internet countries in EU and has finalized the eID (electronic identification) set which makes all the procedures and administrative work for companies so much easier, faster and possible without even leaving the office/home-office. From now on companies that operates with eID set (electronic identification card and electronic signature) can also receive e-services remotely in different EU countries.

Despite the situation Amber Capital Holding continues all the deals with current customers, effectively working out ways to keep the company running under these circumstances. During the Covid-19 crisis Amber Capital Holding takes care of the Vietnamese community already here in Latvia – making sure they have all the neccesary and updated information about current and upcoming restrictions. Meanwhile other business sectors which belongs to ACH also continue daily business:

  • Amber Medical is exporting and distributing masks and disinfectants;
  • Amber Life Clinic – treating local patients and providing remote treatments, vitamin therapies, boosting immune systems etc…
  • ACH Real estate has developed special price policy for new residents during the time of Covid-19 crisis.

Amber Capital Holding has implemented a strategic programm for those investors who are currently starting the TRP process. That allows investors to initate and start TRP process without being present and handle all the documentation via e-services. Under the current circumstances we have managed to offer special price for TRP – only 60 000 euro for living – working and studying in Latvia. All the paperwork and for example ID renewal is now available online and Amber Capital Holding can find soultions to all kinds of technical difficulties. It is basically to gain citizenship in safe and economically growing EU country which without a doubt within two months will cancel all the Covid-19 restrictions and return to its normal daily life. During this period it is possible to manage all the preparation steps for TRP and afterwards just to finalize the deal to become a significant member of Latvian community with all the benefits for easy traveling in EU, business development options and job opportunities.