World Health Organisation data shows more than 8 million people has been diagnosed with Covid-19. So far the pandemic has taken 445 535 lives and affected 216 countries worldwide. Every country is fighting hard against this dreadful disease. But there is one to stand out – Latvia. How did this beautiful country near the Baltic Sea become the leader among countries in terms of fighting and limiting Covid-19? How is it possible that all around the world there are still lockdowns, overcrowded hospitals, closed borders and other restrictions, but in Latvia starting from June 10th life has come back to normal, state of emergency is cancelled and people enjoy the sunny summer days on beaches and restaurant terraces?

Key to Latvia’s success story lies in very decisive government approach and is rooted in society’s strong ability to adapt to crisis situation and respect the rules. At this moment there is 1108 people with Covid-19 diagnosis in Latvia, 903 of them fully recovered and unfoturnately 30 deaths (but most of the cases are in the age group 80+). Comparing to other Baltic States and EU countries with similar population, Latvia is a strong leader in all the metrics mentioned above and also comparing the new cases per day. By launching the new app Stop Covid, Latvia is again one step ahead to other countries by limiting Covid-19. 

To avoid large impact on country’s economy, Latvia started particular support programms since the very begining of Covid-19 crisis. There was significant support programms for Latvian enterprises and employees, specific financial support for medical stuff and special care programms for socially vulnerable groups in society. As an full-fledged member of the EU, Latvia received financial support and also lot of priviliages for EU countries – for example, speedy access to medical equipment, support on repatriating its citizens, access to the Covid-19 data thru The European Centre for Disease Prevention etc. Latvia not only received the support, but as an economically stable country took part in EU initiative to support financialy the developing countries. According to the data of Ministry of Economics, Latvia could return to positive economical growth already at the end of the year. Covid-19 crisis in Latvia showed that medical system is strong and organized and ready for different situations. One of the biggest challenges for Latvia during the last 2 months was managing the educational system. But schools and universities quickly adapted to the new online learning, municipalities and enterprises gave free computers and tablets for pupils who was in need and at the moment all of the educational institutions are ready to work online if there is such a neccesity. 

Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia proved how significant are the values of democratic society where government shares the correct information and asks for inhabitants participation. Although there will be consequences in economy Latvia has proven to be a safe and trustworthy country to live in. A vivid example was lots of repatriants who chose to come back to Latvia with the special flights and other transportation just because here they feel protected and safe. 

Amber Capital Holding was supporting the local Vietnamise community in Latvia during the Covid-19 crisis by providing all the necessary information about the corona virus updates, government restrictions, traveling information and other issues concerned by expatriates. ACH goal is to welcome every family with special care and make them feel secure and safe. ACH not only provide successful TRP process but also supports all the significant first steps into the new living situation – registry process for local schools, finding the family doctor, property rental or purchase and other services which is so important after starting a promising life in a new country. Exceptional service and warm welcoming – ACH provides all the best care for your TRP, relocation and comfortable transition period.