Amber Life Cancer Clinic wants to become a trusted leader in Integrative cancer treatment.

AmberLife Cancer Clinic is providing a comprehensive approach to the treatment of cancer, which does not exclude classical medical methods (surgical, radiation/chemotherapy, hormone therapy).

Our integrative approach includes dendritic cell vaccine therapy, cytokine vaccine therapy, and oncolytic virotherapy, as well as ozone therapy, vitamins, antioxidants, the use of various biological components, as well as energy, physiotherapy and acupuncture support programs, proper anti-tumour diet and a course of vitamins and food supplements.

We focus on the whole being not only on the «disease», therefore the most legitimate definition of «personalized treatment» in this context must be:
The Right Treatment, for the Right Patient, at the Right Time!

We offer effective, safe and harmless cancer treatments in a peaceful and relaxing environment, ensuring high-quality medical care and comfort for our patients.

Integrative Medicine & Virotherapy is the fastest growing personalized treatment method with a more than 50% increase in healthy results.

Integrative Medicine is a combination of complementary and conventional types of treatment.

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