Amber Capital Holding

Is a close joint stock company that
is on its path to a long running business model.


Holding, as any commercial entity, operates primarily to profit from its economic activities, using financial and technical tools, including informational resources. Considering that most of the holding's co-owners are investors, with internationally based contacts and experience both in real estate and trading. The above-mentioned holding activities have been discussed and approved at shareholders meetings.


JSC Amber Capital Holding's long-term objectives include the development of its operations, the expansion of real estate portfolio and profiting from investments in other commercial enterprises. JSC Amber Capital Holding wants to develop into a niche company while investing in the Republic of Latvia in the above mentioned fields.

Holding launched its
real estate investments in 2018

The business activities of JSC Amber Capital Holding are angled and performed mainly in the real estate sector, purchasing, trading and renting company owned real estates, as well as investing in the company SIA “A52”, which is the owner of the tenement located in Artilerijas street 52, Riga. In 2019 project developer “SIA A52” is planning to renovate the building by investing the recourses of JSC Amber Capital Holding, by expanding it to well-equipped, modern domicile adapted to the needs of urban area residents.

The total investment in the project is estimated at around EUR 950 000 (nine hundred fifty thousand euro and 00 cents) and is funded by JSC Amber Capital Holding.

Currently, Amber Capital Holding endeavors of purchasing two more residential buildings in the center of Riga, one of them on Matisa street. The project is targeted as a strategical investment, and it is estimated to invest more than EUR 1 000 000 from the total investment in its development.

JSC Amber Capital Holding is aiming to use the profit from the investments in SIA “A52” and other projects to develop and finance this project in the future.

Investment in
international trade sector

JSC Amber Capital Holding plans to invest in international trade sector by launching an import of roasted and fresh coffee beans from Vietnam and developing wholesale business in Latvia, considering the opportunity to offer products under a single brand in other European countries. JSC Amber Capital Holding is considering to finance this project, currently examining the potential co-operation partners, testing of obtained samples and identifying likely buyers of the product. Considerable impact on the development of this project belongs to Kristaps Strelis, co-owner of Amber Capital Holding, acting also as an authorized representative of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam.

Investment in the sector
of integrative medicine

JSC Amber Capital Holding also continues to invest in company owned Virotherapy & Integrative Medicine Clinic, which is the first and one center of integrative medicine in the Baltics, providing high quality services in cancer treatment using “Rigvir”, medicine developed in Latvia for treating melanoma.  The center is providing also other innovative therapies such as dendritic cell therapy, hyperthermia, ozone therapy and others, prior not available in Latvia.

Holding affirms its positive turnover more than EUR 800,000 and operation of the management in 2019, as well as setting target to increase its turnover to 1,200,000 by introducing new therapies. It is also planned to develop such services in Asia.