Residence Permit Programs


  • Travel in Schengen and live in Latvia without VISA
  • TRP applies or family: spouses and children
  • Get RP after 5 years or extend TRP
  • Rights to apply for citizenship of Republic of Latvia
  • Easier to move to other countries in the world
    if you have TRP in Latvia ( USA, Australia, etc. )
  • Live, Work, Study, Invest and Enjoy


  • Cheaper, faster and secure to arrange TRP
    in Latvia compared to other countries
  • ID card in accordance with European form
  • Education and medical care
  • Work opportunities
  • Control and manage your business in Europe
  • Transfer Money world wide without restrictions

Real Estate

  • Minimum amount: 250'000 EUR
  • Return per year: 6-12%
  • We help to find suitable properties for Your needs
  • Evaluation of property before purchase (optional)
  • Land Book under Your name and perpetual ownership

Government Security Bonds

  • Minimum amount: 250'000 EUR
  • Return per year: 0%
  • Redeemed at per value, cannot be publicly circulated, pledged or traded
  • We prepare and support all documentation process
  • Bonds must be optained only after OCMA confirms positive decision about TRP


  • Minimum amount: 60'000 EUR
  • Return per year: 3%
  • Time to receive TRP: 1 - 3 months
  • Registred at shareholder registry
  • Tax liabilities handled by investment company belonging to holding


  • Choose and apply to appropriate university with expected training career
  • Submit all academic documents and related English certificates
  • Attend online interview and/or entrance test of the chosen school
  • Receive Official Invitation from School
  • Submit TRP documents at OCMA
  • Get residence permit for your basing on study
  • University partners of ACH


  • Survey trip to Latvia
  • Legal document preparation for registering shareholder/Land Book/Security bond/Invitation letter from university status at Company Register of Latvia
  • State fees as prescribed for related TRP program registering
    shares in Investment company
  • TRP document preparation, legalization and registration in OCMA
  • Standard State fees for TRP registration in OCMA
  • Standard State fee for receiving ID card and address declaration
  • Insurance for 1 year for all family members according to TRP registration